Delivery charges may apply to your order. We try to keep these as cost efficient as we possibly canĀ  while ensuring a quality experience for you and securing careful and considered transport for your item.

Delivery charges may vary by region, size and weight of the item to be delivered.

Orders are dispatched as soon as possible after the order has been placed with us. We will let you know as soon as it is on its way to you.

We aim to have your furniture arrive in 1 week, however this can vary depending on your location and the size of any furniture being delivered.

When you place your order it will be received by our sales team. In turn they will process it and pass it to our dispatch team who will pick your item from our available stock and begin the dispatch process.

An appropriate courier will be chosen for certain items, which will be collected from our location and delivered to your door. On certain larger items or in certain regions we may be able to personally deliver the furniture ourselves. We will forward more information on delivery meathod to you upon our Sales Team receiving your order.

Yes, you will receive an invoice for your order, these can also be requested from our Sales Team. You can contact them by going to the Contact Us section of the website.

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At the moment in the website we only accept Paypal, however, more payment meathods will be available in the very near future. Please check back here for the most up-to-date information on this.

Payment will be processed when the Sales Team receives your order and passes it to the Dispatch Team.

A Wishlist is a list of items which you have selected to save, in a list, to your account. While you may not have purchased these items yet the Wishlist is a way for you to bookmark products you are interested in for possible purchse in the future.

All our items are carefully packaged to ensure proper protection while the item is in transit. Afterall, the very last thing we want is for your new peice of furniture to arrive in more peices than it was supposed to! So heres what to do if you receive a damanged/the wrong product.

Please open boxes carefully and in the event any damage is detected please stop unpacking the furniture and let us know immediately via the Contact Us page of the website. Our Sales Team will be able to advise you from here.

In the case that you receive an incorrect item, please double check your order and check that the order matches the item you have received. If this is not the case, please again contact our Sales Team who will be able to guide you from here.

This will depend on if the item has been dispatched to you or not. Dispatch usually occurs early in the day, so its best to make any changes or add-Ons to your order the day before your item is due for dispatch. This will allow our Sales Team to make any needed changes to your order and adjust the dispatch meathod if needed.

When many items are dispatched they will receive a unique code that will be scanned at certain points in its journey to you. You can enter the tracking number into the couriers website and receive all the latest information on your package and where it is. Below you will find links to the tracking systems of a few of the more common couriers we use. If your courier isnt listed simply search for them online and select “Parcel Tracking” on their website, then input your tracking code.



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